A close look at New Music NOW

12 November 2021 | 13:15 - 14:15Clubzaal

Dutch Composers NOW, the collective propaganda agency for New Music in the Netherlands, wants to generate as much airplay as possible for composers and performers in a broad field. To this end, it launched the dedicated, composer-driven platform New Music NOW in 2021. The platform brings together all information about new music (contemporary composed, jazz/impro, avant pop) by contemporary makers, either Dutch or active in the Netherlands, with news, an agenda, and a range of existing and new video content (both free and on demand). Contributors to this initiative are composers, performers and festivals. Esther Gottschalk, director of Dutch Composers NOW and Nieuw Geneco (professional association of Dutch composers), will discuss the platform with journalist and founder of Cultureel Persbureau Wijbrand Schaap. What – and who – does it take to make New Music NOW as accessible as possible for everyone interested?

Esther Gottschalk (director, Dutch Composers NOW, Nieuw Geneco, NL)
She is a strong defender and promotor of the artistic, economic and sociocultural interests of composers and raises awareness for Fair Pay, Fair Share and Fair Chain in art music. She is encouraging wider support and additional financial flows and contribute to greater visibility of composers working in the Netherlands. She is Chair a.i. of the Dutch Creative Coalition, member of the Fair Practice Code focus group, cofounder of the Classical Music Coalition, as well as the Jazz, world music and Contemporary Music Coalition and initiator of the Gender Balance & Diversity Working group of Nieuw Geneco.

Wijbrand Schaap (journalist and founder, Cultureel Persbureau, NL)
Schaap is an arts journalist. Having learned the trade – as a reviewer and reporter – at national (AD) and regional newspapers (UN, RD, Parool), in 2009 he decided to set up his own ‘cultural press agency’ together with a number of other experienced arts reporters, because the attention paid to art by the major media was dwindling.
By now Cultuurpers has existed for 12 years and occupies a unique place among the media. No other medium follows as closely as Cultuurpers what happens in cultural policy documents, meeting rooms and buildings, both backstage and frontstage.
Wijbrand Schaap lives in Utrecht, is married, has two dogs and a cat. And four bicycles.

Photo: Reinout Bos