A story of cooperative publishing

12 November 2021 | 11:45 - 12:30Clubzaal

What happens after a composer signs a contract with a music publisher? In this presentation, the audience will be led step by step through a variety of domains and platforms where a publisher is active.

Davo van Peursen (managing director, Donemus Publishing, NL)
Davo is the director of the Dutch Music Publishers Associations and is teaching at the Conservatory of Amsterdam on Entrepreneurship for Composers.
Donemus Publishing treasures 15,000 compositions written over last 100 years by more than 600 composers. All scores and parts are digitized. Davo renewed Donemus in 2012 to an innovative publishing house with a new business approach. It is the first music publisher that offers digital parts for rent and distributes both hard copies or PDF.
Donemus reaches customers in 80 countries from amateurs to the top soloists, orchestras and opera houses and it built a strong community with 1000 daily views on its media. It participates on new innovational projects. Donemus has a few online labels as well, bringing contemporary classical music of its composers to many digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Jan-Peter de Graaff (composer, NL)
He grew up on the isle of Terschelling and started composing at the age of 15. He studied composition at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague from 2010 until 2016, with Guus Janssen, Calliope Tsoupaki and Diderik Wagenaar and studied at the Royal College of Music London in 2015, with Kenneth Hesketh. He graduated in 2016 with the opera “All Rise”, which was honoured with the Nicolaï Fund prize for most outstanding final recital. In 2018 he won the Rostrum-prize for composers under 30 for his orchestral composition Le café de nuit. Since his compositions have been in great demand in both The Netherlands and abroad, which enabled him to compose for a wide variety of ensembles.
Many of his compositions are recognised by a great amount of transparency and use of colour in harmony, structure and orchestration, with an important focus on form and melodic development. Most of his works are inspired by nature, physics, chain reactions and the ever-changing relationship between humanity and her environment.

moderator: Jaïr Tchong (KAAP, BE)
Jaïr Tchong started working for KAAP in december 2019 and lives in Ostend ever since. Before KAAP, he worked as a music promotor for Tolhuistuin and Melkweg, and as a journalist and cultural advisor in Amsterdam. He is deeply moved and motivated by the incredible depth and scale of the Belgian (jazz)music scene. Says Jaïr: “Arts Centre KAAP is active in Bruges and Ostend. In Ostend we organise around fifteen concerts on an annual basis, and the Dansand festival, which also includes off beat live music, every two years in July at various locations throughout the city. In Bruges, we organise Jazz Bruges in the Concertgebouw Bruges every two years, and the annual discovery festival AMOK during the first ten days of October. Whereas in Ostend we focus on jazz and jazz-related music, AMOK is a discovery festival in which we also present current and groundbreaking music, performance and literature/debate beyond the well-known borders. KAAP is the only arts centre with its own record label: W.E.R.F. Records, ‘the finest in Belgian jazz since 1993’, curated by my colleague Benny Claeysier. Many artists from our label tour in kind cooperation with Jazzlab.”