Book Presentation: A small history of music from here and now

13 November 2020 | 12:45 - 13:15Live online talk - Dutch spoken

This presentation will be Dutch spoken.

Commissioned by MATRIX [Center for New Music], Mark Delaere, professor of Musicology at the KU Leuven, put together Een kleine muziekgeschiedenis van hier en nu. The book offers a handy introduction to the new aesthetic tendencies in classical music since 1950. It covers eight historical lines and as many thematic ‘signposts’, offering the reader a cross-section of the contemporary music landscape by means of e.g. the role of the internet, sampling, multimediality or the phenomenon of ‘conceptual music’.

Een kleine muziekgeschiedenis was written by a dozen authors. Most of them teach musicology or music at universities and conservatories in the Netherlands and Belgium, but above all they are inspired by new music. During this book presentation Mark Delaere and Joep Christenhusz, compiler/editor and one of the authors respectively, give an insight into the structure of Een kleine muziekgeschiedenis van hier en nu and go deeper into the attention paid to composers from the Netherlands and Belgium.

Both writers will also have a look at Christenhusz’s publication Weerklanken, written on commission from November Music.
You can read the publication Weerklanken here.

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