Collecting royalties – or not? Buma and grand rights

11 November 2020 | 15:00 - 15:50Live online talk - Dutch spoken

Musical copyright is intended to protect composers and to ensure that they (or their representatives) are financially rewarded when their work is sold or performed. In this online talk with Buma’s Council of Members chair Rita Zipora, Hans Stekelenburg, Account Manager Customer Care at Buma, will explain the ins and outs of so-called grand rights with this year’s opera premiere of Ritratto (with new music by Willem Jeths) as an example. What does it legally mean when a work becomes part of a theater or ballet performance? And if that performance is then also recorded for use in trailers on YouTube and sold on cd? What choices do Buma and the composer face in these cases? Make sure to prepare your grand rights questions for Hans to answer after the live talk!

You can rewatch the Q&A about grand rights below.