From musician to maker: the journey of Maya Fridman

09 November 2023 | 11:15 - 12:00Grote Zaal

Musician, medium, priestess. For Maya Fridman (1989), these words mean virtually the same thing. Music is magic, she believes. And as a performer, she enjoys taking her audience to that other, magical world. This is how she turns each concert into an almost religious ritual.

Upon reflection, there are two Mayas. The classical Maya studied cello in Russia and the Netherlands. She won the Dutch Classical Talent Award in 2019, a reliable measure of musical mastery. Here was a cellist who had more up her sleeve than the conventional repertoire. Furthermore, with her non-profit organization TRIDA she has been gathering funds for war victims through benefit concerts and she is promoting a sustainable approach to such events in terms of fair payment for participating artists.

Gradually, a second Maya has emerged: the alternative. She writes her own lyrics and music as a singer-songwriter. In 2023, her first alternative album, The Power of Indifference, was released on her home label TRPTK. Before her performance with LudoWic, Maya Fridman will engage in conversation with NPO Klassiek presenter Jet Berkhout.

Jet Berkhout
Jet Berkhout is a presenter and program maker at Dutch national radio NPO Klassiek and AVROTROS. She studied Dutch and a minor in Musicology at the University of Amsterdam and during her studies played violin and piano in the VU Orchestra, the Netherlands Student Orchestra and the Ricciotti Ensemble, among others. After her studies, she worked as a journalist and columnist for Dutch newspapers NRC Handelsblad and Het Parool, among others, and published the book De thuishulp (Podium Publisher) about her experiences in home care.
For NPO Klassiek she created, among other things, the youth program VIRUS, the culture program Opium and Een Goedemorgen Met. At De Muziekfabriek she receives musicians every week who create new variations on classical themes on her behalf in the column Vrij Spel. She also created two high-profile podcasts, Beethoven is meer dan een hond (‘Beethoven is more than a dog’) and Alle wegen leiden naar Morricone (‘All roads lead to Morricone’). Making classical music accessible to a broad target group is a common thread in all activities.

Photo Maya Fridman by Brendon Heinst, photo Jet Berkhout by Elvin Boer