Money matters! Meet the advisors 1-on-1

09 November 2023 | 10:15 - 11:45Filmzaal 4

Do you have questions about copyright, neighboring rights or the (crowd) funding of your project? Do you want to know where to go for funding your creative plans in the first place? No matter whether you have a specific idea in mind or want general information, we will ensure a room full of educators and a fruitful start to your conference! With representatives from BumaStemra, Performing Arts Fund NL, Cultuur+Ondernemen, Voordekunst, KunstLoc Brabant, Powered by TINC and Sonolize.

BumaStemra: Melissa de Rijke (Advisor Member Services) & Hilde Laan (Advisor Member Services)
Performing Arts Fund NL: Annemieke Keurentjes (Secretary Internationalization) & Bas Pauw (Programme Manager)
Cultuur+Ondernemen: Susanne Moed (Financing project leader)
Voordekunst: Nick Waelbers (Artist/Actor & project supervisor)
KunstLoc Brabant: Imke de Feber (Music & financing advisor)
Powered by TINC: Rogier Telderman (Founder – Sustainable entrepeneurship in music)
Sonolize: Kamiel Rietsema (Founder & Managing Director)

Pre-registration for the one-on-one conversations is no longer possible. Deadline was 3 November. You can head over to Filmzaal 4 at the start of ‘Money matters! Meet the advisors 1-on-1’ at 10:15h to see if there are still some spots available.