Music Rights on Tour, with Jacob TV

12 November 2021

Many musicians and composers struggle with music and rights issues from time to time. What are copyright laws? What are neighbouring rights? Who should be registered at Buma/Stemra? Do I get money for live shows from Sena? To answer these questions and more, Buma/Stemra and Sena present Music Rights on Tour. During the session at New Music Conference they are joined by Buma Classical Award-winning composer Jacob TV. His new song cycle, The Freedom Songs, is premiering at November Music 2021. Hosting the talk is artist manager and music rights connaisseur Martijn Crama. He will speak with Jacob about his internationally successful career as a composer and as a musician. Through sidenotes, Buma/Stemra and Sena will provide information about copyright and neighbouring rights. How does Jacob benefit from music rights, and how does he arrange this all for himself? This panel is for everyone who would like to know all about music rights and is eager to learn how not to leave their hard-earned money on the table.