Something old and something new: Buma in 2020

11 November 2020 | 14:00 - 14:50Pre-recorded - Dutch spoken

At Buma we are ready to answer all questions on copyright and licensing that may arise. Our experience is that too many questions are nót asked – and this is something that music publishers notice as well. In general, composers young and old have an idea of the basic concepts that make up the foundation of Buma as a collecting society, but seldom realize that copyright is constantly evolving. Check out this talk between Rita Zipora and David Dramm, both from Buma’s Council of Members and both composers, albeit with very different backgrounds. They dicuss general copyright developments and Buma terminology that will be of interest to composers who newly graduated as well as to the seasoned professionals. And David shares an interesting story on a major piece of arranging he did for this year’s Cello Biennale, involving composers Lennon & McCartney. And don’t hesitate, your questions are welcome in the Q&A afterwards!

You can rewatch the pre-recorded talk about Buma in 2020 below.