Sonic Entanglements: four in-depth talks

12 November 2021

A growing number of scientists, philosophers and artists agree that we have entered the Anthropocene, a geological period in which man is considered a major force in shaping the Earth and its climate. This entails that it has become impossible to maintain a sharp distinction between humankind and what we call nature. Climate change, the extinction of species and widespread pollution show us very clearly that we and our environment have become inextricably entangled in a complex ecological web.
In a new essay, commissioned by November Music and the ArtEZ Professorship Theory in the arts, music journalist and researcher Joep Christenhusz explores how this notion of ecological entanglement resonates in the fields of contemporary music and sound art. During New Music Conference, Christenhusz hosts four talks with composers and sound artists who work around the notion of ‘natureculture’ entanglements. Come and join the talks with Slovenian installation artist Saša Spačal, Dutch ‘countryside composer’ Piet-Jan van Rossum, Dutch sound artist Ronald van der Meijs, and Brazilian sound artist Vivian Caccuri.

Photo: Pieter Kers