What can Buma/Stemra do for you?

12 November 2021 | 16:00 - 16:30Kleine zaal | livestream

During the previous talk, Music Rights on Tour with JacobTV, you have been introduced to copyright organisation Buma/Stemra. Martijn van Zon (Director Rightholders) and Janna Theil (Account Manager in the Member Services department) will elaborate on this topic in their presentation. Using examples and taking in account recent developments, they will explain what Buma/Stemra is about and how the organisation can help you as a composer, author and publisher.

Janna Theil (accountmanager Member Services, Buma/Stemra, NL)
Music has always been a passion for me but due to a lack of musical skills I do my best to contribute in a different way to a world full of music. That is why I have been working at Buma/Stemra since 2015 to help composers, authors and publishers of music receive a fair compensation for their copyright.

Martijn van Zon (director Rightholders, Buma/Stemra, NL)
Buma/Stemra is the Dutch Collective Right Management Organization and collecting society for music copyright. After senior customer operations management roles at KPN and ING Martijn van Zon joined Buma/Stemra in 2016. As Director Rightholders Martijn is responsible for all primary business processes for rightholders at Buma/Stemra: Member administration, copyright registration, Music Detection & Identification, Royalty Distribution, Service&Claims. In 2020 Martijn’s business unit paid out a total of € 185 Million to Buma/Stemra members.

This panel will also be streamed.