What is the social relevance of contemporary music?

09 November 2023 | 15:00 - 16:00Studio Tramkade

What values does New Music stand for? What is driving our message to be heard, felt and valued? How does New Music relate to a world in transition and social injustice, and what the world demands of us right now?

At New Music Conference, you can easily state that ‘together we are the system’. What if the foundations on which this system is built, are no longer sustainable? Can we imagine and compose new contexts built from future-proof design principles.

In this interactive session, our panel speakers will explore personal challenges from different perspectives and explore small steps to take action.

Shane Burmania, programmer The Rest is Noise (Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ), programmer Korzo, NL
Meike van Zandvoort, business director, Sounding Bodies, NL
Rinke Vreeke, member Sociaal Creatieve Raad, social designer & programmeur Le Guess Who Mini, Raum a.o., NL
Martin Fondse, Composer Laureate of the Netherlands, NL

Rogier Telderman, founder Powered by TINC, pianist & composer, NL

Photo The Rest is Noise by Pieter Kers