Davo van Peursen

Davo is the director of the Dutch Music Publishers Associations and is teaching at the Conservatory of Amsterdam on Entrepreneurship for Composers.

Donemus Publishing treasures 15,000 compositions written over last 100 years by more than 600 composers. All scores and parts are digitized. Davo renewed Donemus in 2012 to an innovative publishing house with a new business approach. It is the first music publisher that offers digital parts for rent and distributes both hard copies or PDF.

Donemus reaches customers in 80 countries from amateurs to the top soloists, orchestras and opera houses and it built a strong community with 1000 daily views on its media. It participates on new innovational projects. Donemus has a few online labels as well, bringing contemporary classical music of its composers to many digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.