Fair Practice: an intermediate score

08 November 2019 | 14:45 - 15:45Room 2

The Fair Practice Code was introduced in the autumn of 2017 by Kunsten ’92, the Dutch cross-sectoral interest group for art, culture and heritage in the Netherlands. The Code provides a framework – “fair pay, fair share, fair chain” – for the cultural and creative sector, based on five core values: solidarity, diversity, trust, sustainability and transparency. While fair pay is clear in itself, we can hardly take a constructive stand on this without also looking at the whole chain, and how things are distributed in the entire sector. Zooming in on the chain and the question of keeping it fair, will bring up numerous points of discussion. Join in, and feel free to have your say!

Joost Fonteyne (Wilde Westen, BE)
Esther Gottschalk (Nieuw Geneco, NL)
Dorine Schoon (Platform voor Freelance Musici, NL)
Esther Torrenga (Cello Octet Amsterdam, NL)

Tom Swart (Intro, NL)

This panel about the Fair Practice Code is Dutch spoken.