How do I receive the money to which I am entitled?

08 November 2019 | 12:00 - 13:00Room 2

For many composers and musicians the matter of royalties, copyright and licensing remains an almost impossible puzzle to solve.

How can my copyright generate income? What does Buma/Stemra mean to me? Which activity generates money, what not? What about income from abroad? What about music I write for opera or ballet? When do I earn money from YouTube, or from using my music on TV? What are the pitfalls? Do I get money from Sena for performances? What exactly is the situation with neighbouring rights? When is it convenient to become a member of NORMA?

In a talk moderated by Martijn Crama, many of these questions will be answered. Together with Calliope Tsoupaki, the Buma-appointed Componist des Vaderlands, as well as two musicians very familiar with her work, Heleen Hulst and Gerard Bouwhuis, we will discuss the processes of registering and administering for the various organisations.

In 1988 Calliope Tsoupaki emigrated to the Netherlands to study composition with her idol Louis Andriessen. Since then she has become one of the most talked-about composers in our country.

Violinist Heleen Hulst and pianist Gerard Bouwhuis founded Nieuw Amsterdams Peil in 2005, a group that has since become a unique voice in the performance of new music.

Alongside working as an artist manager, Martijn Crama is a consultant in the music industry advising both artists and music organizations about their career plan. In 2018 Martijn released his first book for ambitious and debuting musicians called ‘Basisbagage’. He also designed a management curriculum for music conservatory students of the ArtEZ Popacademy.

This panel about music rights is Dutch spoken.