Lunch & Connect

The best official networking moment during New Music Conference? Let’s Meet & Connect over lunch – accessible for everyone attending the conference and curated with the utmost attention by the conference team.

Composers, musicians, managers, label owners, media professionals, journalists and festival organisers meet in a dedicated (lunch) setting.
You can secure a spot for this matchmaking programme by purchasing a Lunch & Connect ticket in advance (lunch is included).

Lunch & Connect tickets are sold out.
If you’re interested you can check at our info desk during the day if there’s still a spot available.

Through Lunch & Connect, New Music Conference strives to build worthwhile and lasting connections between composers, performing musicians and other professionals in the music business. To do this, the Lunch & Connect team guides a series of talks between selected professionals over lunch. Contacting and selecting is done with the utmost care and to the best of our team’s knowledge and belief. In the event of an excess of Lunch & Connect applications, we cannot guarantee that every desired professional will be available.