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An online magazine full of longreads alongside the conference? Well, why not? We thought it was a shame that some conversations and meetings faded so quickly, so we started making recordings during New Music Conference 2022. On this page, you will find slightly edited versions of the conversations with composers and others involved, as they took place in and around Verkadefabriek in ‘s Hertogenbosch – and more. At irregular intervals, we will supplement them with related stories, portraits and contemplative conference updates. Enjoy, and feel free to comment via

During the final hour of The New Music Conference, Franki Dodwell was one of the seven (former) students to take the stage at The New Composers Pitch. Dodwell shared two works with a personal story. The jury thought she was very honest and decided unanimously that she was the winner of the Buma New Music […]

Philip Venables, interview at New Music Conference 2022

Interview by Anne La Berge at New Music Conference, 11 November 2022 Anne La Berge introduces: ‘Welcome! Philip Venables has been described by Alex Ross of The New Yorker as a composer of ferocious, dramatic instincts, and an arrestingly musical personality, and has been named one of the finest composers around by The Guardian. Their […]

Interview by Co de Kloet at New Music Conference, 11 November 2022 Steven Kamper­man is in France at the time of the interview, where he is artist-in-residence at the Van Doesburg House (situated in Meudon, a municipality in the southwestern suburbs of Paris) from November 2022 to February 2023. The clarinetist and composer is extremely […]