Practical info

We’re going digital! The registration for New Music Conference is free of charge, but obligatory in order to attend the online panels, presentations and Meet & Connect sessions. You can register here.

The venue is your couch! New Music Conference 2020 takes place onlineand can be followed from your home or wherever you like.

Conference hours
We will warm you up for the grand finale with some exclusive panels on Wednesday 11 November (Dutch spoken) and Thursday 12 November. On Friday 13 November we will kick off at 10:30 am CET with a full online conference day.

I’d like to sign up for Meet & Connect. Where can I register?
Unfortunately, it’s no longer possible to sign up for our Meet & Connect sessions.

I signed up for Meet & Connect before the deadline, how do I know who I signed up with?
If all is well, you received a confirmation e-mail with your meeting(s). Just a little before New Music Conference you’ll be updated with your personal Zoom link. Please make sure to click the link on time, so you don’t miss out on some valuable minutes!

How do I attend the sessions digitally?
After registering, you’ll receive an e-mail which contains a link to our desktop environment and your personal login credentials. Once you’re logged in:
1. Click the programme icon
2. Select a session of your choice and click the livestream banner
3. Be aware that you’ll only be able to start the livestream at the mentioned broadcasting time.
In case you can’t find the link to our online environment click here.

How can I interact with speakers during the session?
You’ll have the option to ask questions through the Q&A function. You’ll find this tool on the right side of the video display (or livestream). We’ll thereafter make sure your questions is forwarded to the moderator.

Can I connect with other attendees?
Definitely! After you’re logged in into our online environment, you’ll be able to send messages to others. Please click the ‘Messaging’ icon on the bottom left and select ‘start new chat’. Here you’ll find all attendees that opted in on ‘allowing messaging’.
Other option is to select ‘attendee list’ on the left, click the profile of a fellow attendee and choose ‘send message’. Please note that ‘send message’ is only visible if an attendee agreed to receiving messages. Connect away!

Will all panels be recorded and made available at a later time?
We unfortunately can’t assure this yet! Therefore, we’d advise you to tune in live at all your favourite panels. If we do end up making the panels available on demand, we will update you about this matter immediately.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here. How do I reach you?
Contact us via – Happy to help!