Videos NMC 2020

For those who would have liked to attend New Music Conference on November 13th but could not, and for those who missed out on some of the day’s talks, we are happy to offer video recordings of all panels and presentations on demand. Below you find all conference items, in chronological order. Enjoy them whenever you feel like it!

New Music Conference was presented live online on Friday November 13th by Co de Kloet.
More information on the speakers is available through the Programme pages. Each video can be viewed on their respective pages as well.

Something old and something new: Buma in 2020

Collecting royalties – or not? Buma and grand rights

All you ever wanted to know about Buma and Streaming

Performing Arts Fund NL: the guide to international funding and promotion

Dutch Culture USA: the linking pin between American presenters and New Music talent from the Netherlands

Composers Dialogue: Richard Rijnvos & Enno Poppe

Publishing panel: The music publisher’s incentive

Book Presentation: A small history of music from here and now

Where to now? New music in times of crisis

The programming of new Dutch composers and performers in the USA

Closing keynote talk: a look at 2021 from a programmer’s perspective