Videos NMC 2021

For those who would have liked to attend the third edition of New Music Conference on November 12 but could not, and for those who missed out on some of the day’s talks, we are happy to offer video recordings of some of the panels and presentations on demand. Below you find the conference items, in chronological order. Enjoy them whenever you feel like it!

More information on the panels and speakers is available through the Programme pages. Each video can be viewed on their respective pages as well.

Keynote talk: Rebecca Saunders and Michel van der Aa

Meet the new Composer of the Netherlands

Sounds Now: Curating inclusion

Music Rights on Tour, with JacobTV

What can Buma/Stemra do for you?

Sonic Entanglements with Saša Spačal

Sonic Entanglements with Piet-Jan van Rossum

Sonic Entanglements with Ronald van der Meijs

Sonic Entanglements with Vivian Caccuri